Communiqué - Covid19

In line with the implementation of the measures decided by the Government to deal with Covid-19, the Ombudsman's Secretariat and the Contrôle externe des lieux privatifs de liberté have put in place the following communication instruments to ensure the continuity of our services:

The offices are no longer accessible to the public until further notice.

A reduced service is provided:

- between 08:00/12:00 and 13:30/16:00 via phone at (+352) 26 27 01 01,
- by email using or
- by postal mail at 36, rue du Marché-aux-Herbes, L-1728 Luxembourg.

The Secretariat of the Ombudsman and the Contrôle externe des lieux privatifs de liberté thank you for your understanding.

The Ombudsman was established under the Law of 22 August 2003 (fr).

As the Mediator of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, the Ombudsman manages complaints concerning the functioning of state and municipal administrations, and other appertaining public institutions or -bodies.

Thus, any person who believes that an authority did not function in line with its respective mission or contravenes the usual practice, laws or regulations may, via written complaint or oral assertion at the Ombudsman’s secretariat, request that his or her case is brought to the attention of the Ombudsman.

Law of 22 August 2003 (fr)

Annual report 2021 (fr)

Guidelines for good administrative behaviour (fr)